The Cayman Islands Pickleball Rankings

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So How Exactly Do The Rankings Work?

Developed over the past three years and borrowing ideas from several of the well-known Pickleball rating algorithms, Pickleball Cayman is very proud of its proprietary rating system. We feel the other systems out there all have significant flaws so developed a methodology that addressed those issues.

So how does it work? Each time you play a match in our Club Rankings events, we look at the average rating of you and your partner as well as that of your opponents. A predicted score is then calculated based on the difference between these averages.

Do better than predicted and your rating goes up. Do worse and it goes down. Every single point in a game counts. So if you’re losing a game badly, don’t give up… each extra point you can win will help! Your rating moves roughly 0.005 for each point of play.

There is one important exception – if you win but not as well as predicted, you do not go down since ultimately the goal of a match is to win! But your opponents can go up in this scenario and that allows for the club’s ratings overall to slowly rise, reflecting our members’ gradual improvement.

Adjustments are made if the two players in a pair have very different ratings. The further apart they are, the less the results of the match count. So if you get paired with someone really strong and beat another pair 11-0, you won’t move up much. Likewise, if you are playing with someone much weaker and get thrashed, don’t worry, you’ll barely move down.