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Looking to improve your game? Take a lesson from one of our fully certified pickleball pros! Lessons are available for both junior and adult players seeking personalized instruction. Whether you’re new to pickleball or looking to perfect your strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take your game to the next level!

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Michael Carse

Michael was born and raised in Port Elizabeth. He attended the famed Grey High School, one of the best sporting schools in South Africa. As a junior, he was ranked the top tennis player in Eastern Province for multiple years and was ranked the 6th top player nationally as well as the top player at Nelson Mandela university for 5 years.

He came to Cayman in 2021 to coach tennis and immediately started playing Pickleball. By early 2022 he had become (and remains) the highest ranked player on the island and was one half of the pair that won the inaugural Cayman Islands Open Pickleball Tournament.

Michael is Pickleball Cayman’s Head Coach, a PPR Certified Coach and provides both private lessons and group clinics.

Email: michael@pickleball.ky

Phone: (345) 927 7511

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Steve Thompson

Growing up in Cayman with the local tennis club as a second home during his formative years, Steve is now a passionate and experienced pickleball coach dedicated to helping players of all levels reach new heights. With his decades-long background in tennis and a 4.5 level pickleball player himself, Steve’s coaching approach is backed by a wealth of knowledge and high-level strategies borrowed from professional players. He is a PPR Certified Coach with over two years of pickleball coaching experience, specializing in beginner basics, technique fundamentals, footwork, shot selection, and high-level strategy.

Steve’s coaching style is fun, supportive, and focused on creating a positive learning environment. He believes in the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and maximizing enjoyment on the court. Constantly learning and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in pickleball gameplay and equipment technology, Steve attends professional tournaments and regularly engages with the wider pickleball community. His unique perspective, derived from his exposure to various sports at a high level, allows him to extract valuable skills and incorporate them into his coaching methodology.

Whether you’re a beginner seeking to grasp the basics or an intermediate player aiming to refine your skills, Steve is here to guide you. Join his coaching sessions and get ready to enhance your pickleball game, unlock strategic on-court thought processes, and have a blast!

Email: steve@pickleball.ky

Phone: (345) 927 7511

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Jerry Beck

Jerry hails from London, England but has made Cayman his home for over 20 years. He was introduced to Pickleball while living in Whistler BC during Covid and quickly became obsessed with the strategic side of the game. Having essentially brought the game to Cayman in January 2021 when he opened two courts at his house and invited friends across the island to come and play, he began teaching them the nuances of the game.

Often heard shouting phrases such as “Stop playing tennis on a pickleball court!” and “Left toe!”, Jerry’s enthusiasm for the game goes beyond just playing. He believes that technical ability will only get you so far – it is tactical ability that will take you to the next level – and is keen to share that knowledge with players who have the same mindset.

Jerry is a PPR Certified Professional, the highest level of coach awarded by PPR.

Email: jerry@pickleball.ky

Phone: (345) 927 7511