Corporate Pickleball League

Apr 22 – Jun 27, 2024

Here’s How It Works:

Minimum 4 players per team. You can have more and rotate round in your games.

1 hour matchups. Each matchup against another team will involve six games of doubles across two courts – so that’s up to three games per person.

1 or 2 matchups per night, once per week. If there’s a night that does not suit your team, you can specify this when you sign up.

Multiple Divisions. Teams will be split into divisions based on playing ability so your matchups should always be competitive and fun. Each division will have a trophy and awards so everyone has something to play for.

Multiple Teams. You can enter teams into more than one division. We just require you nominate 4 players in the higher level team that are then not eligible to play for the lower level team. No sandbagging allowed!

Seeded Players. Top local players will be seeded with limits on how many seeded players can play in any given team and which divisions they can play in (see below).

Regular Updates. We will keep the fixtures, results and standings updated daily via division WhatsApp chats that all captains will be on.

Playoffs. The season will end the week beginning Monday June 24th with playoffs for all teams on the night they usually play. There will be awards and trophies for players and teams in every division and hopefully some fun giveaways from our awesome sponsors too. Players must have played in a regular season game for a team to be eligible to play in the playoffs.

Equipment Provided. Don’t worry if your team is short of paddles. We will supply extras free of charge. All matchups will be given new balls each week too.

Weekday Evenings. Matchups will typically take place evenings between Monday and Thursday. Monday night is for the beginners/just getting started teams. Wednesday night is for the highest level players. All others will be split between Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Entry Cost Per Team: KYD 1,295

Seeded Players

Seeded players are split into two Tiers below. You may have a maximum of 5 Tier A & B players on your roster of which only 1 can be Tier A.

Seeded players may not play in B or C divisions.

We may add new players to the below seeding during the course of the league. If you think a new player may need to be seeded, please contact us before adding them to your team if you already have 5 seeded players.

Tier A

Mark Rawlins
Michael Carse
Zvika Rosenboum
Dylan Lammers
Tariq Jacob
Munir Ali
Sebastian Murillo

Tier B

Payten Wight
Alex Frazer
Yaniv Semo
Jake Kelly
Steve Thompson
Jerry Beck
Behrad Samadi
Dave Allott
Zsu Strommer
Uli Hoppe
Casey Berlin
Akshay Naidoo
Tim Rossiter
James Gilbert
Gareth Wilkinson
Mike Cullen
Carlos Farjallah
Idan Roberts
Filip Knezevic
Nick Wight
Eshaan Vij
Nik Jha
Bryan Amigo
Dana Karani
Pawan Negi
Leigh Hipkins

Please ask your team captain for a copy of the latest fixtures;

Please ask your team captain for a copy of the latest standings.

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