When did the center open?

We opened in July 2023 and have over 7,000 members, making us the largest pickleball club in the world! Come down and check us out…

Where are you located?

Address: 312 Smith Road, George Town, Grand Cayman

Near the southwest end of the airport runway, we are conveniently located a quick 5 minute drive from West Bay Road where you’ll find the island’s best beaches, resort accommodations and Caribbean’s finest restaurant offerings.

Is there a membership fee?

No! Our facility is open for everyone to use. You just pay for the courts, clinics, events or lessons that you book.

Sign me up! How do I book courts?

Just create an account by clicking on SIGN UP at the top then Create Account. Once your account is active, you can log into our CourtReserve reservation system and book courts or sign up for private lessons, group clinics, leagues and other events whenever you want.

So what does it cost?

Courts cost between CI$10 and CI$40 per hour depending on time of day and whether you book the shaded or open air courts:

          Shaded Courts:

                    Weekday 6:00am – 5:00pm  – $25
                    Weekday 5:00pm – 9:30pm – $40
                    Weekday 9:30pm – 12:00am – $20

                    Weekends 6:00am – 9:30pm – $40
                    Weekends 9:30pm – 12:00am – $20

          Open Air Courts:

                    Weekday 6:00am – 10:00am – $16
                    Weekday 10:00am – 5:00pm – $10
                    Weekday 5:00pm – 9:30pm – $32
                    Weekday 9:30pm – 12:00am – $20

                    Weekends 6:00am – 10:00am – $20
                    Weekends 10:00am – 5:00pm – $16
                    Weekends 5:00pm – 9:30pm – $32
                    Weekends 9:30pm – 12:00am – $20

          Public Holidays are charged at the Weekend rate.

How do I pay?

When you create an account, you will be asked to enter your credit card details. They are then held securely by Plug n Pay, a global credit card payments company. Pickleball Cayman Ltd does not store your details. Every two weeks, you will be emailed a statement of your account and your credit card will then be billed a couple of days later.

We do not use the CourtReserve system for billing so please ignore what is shown as “unpaid” and do not try to enter your card details there as it won’t let you!

How do I update my billing details?

Click HERE and enter the new details. This will automatically replace your previous billing information.

Do I have to pay for the whole court and get my friends to pay me back?

No! Add the names of your fellow players when they book a court and we will split the cost equally between you all. No more asking friends to bring along CI$6.25 in exact change every time you play! Just ask them to become members instead. If they do fail to pay though, you will be responsible for their charges!

I don’t like giving out my credit card details over the internet. Do I have to?

Pickleball Cayman will be a cashless facility. We therefore either require your credit card details to open an account or you need to pre-load your account by bank transfer to allow you to make bookings. Credit card details are held securely by Plug n Pay, one of the world’s leading credit card payment gateways, not by Pickleball Cayman. Alternatively, to pre-load your account, Pickleball Cayman is a payee on Butterfield Online or you can make a direct transfer to our Butterfield KYD account 1361831140017. There is a CI$10 admin fee for direct deposits that is waived if you deposit at least CI$250.

How many courts do you have?

24! There are 12 pickleball courts under a roof and 12 more fully outdoors. All courts are floodlit and wind-screened. The shaded courts are individually fenced off and the outdoor courst are partitioned in pairs.

What’s a Family Membership?

The Family Membership option simply allows you to add a spouse and/or children to a single payment profile. When you receive the billing statement every two weeks, you will see the bookings separately for each member of the family account. If you wish to combine memberships that have already been created into a Family Membership, you can do it on the CourtReserve app or just send us an email at info@pickleball.ky.

How do I get a Club Ranking?

Getting a ranking and then working your way up as you improve your game is one of the most fun parts of Pickleball. If you don’t have a ranking yet, let us know how you compare to players who do have one and we can assign you an initial ranking. You can also ask one of our onsite staff to come and watch you play for a few minutes. Twice a week, we have Club Ranking nights. All the results from these round robins will be fed into our proprietary ranking system and the results will be updated on the website the next morning. If your initial ranking is not accurate, it will quickly adjust.

What do the ranking numbers mean?

2.0 – Beginner
2.5 – Had a couple of lessons and is just starting to get the hang of it
3.0 – Lower Intermediate. Knows the rules and can enjoy games but struggles with accuracy and is still learning basic strategy.
3.5 – Intermediate. Always trying to get to the net, can play dinks and volleys and is starting to develop the third shot drop. Has a good idea of the strategy but doesn’t always follow it.
4.0 – Higher Intermediate. Has a strong knowledge of strategy and shots. Working on improving consistency (fewer unforced errors)
4.5 – Advanced. Strong player who can play all the shots and understands strategy well. Might be thinking about doing their coaching certification.
5.0 – Pro. Go enter some tournaments!

I’m a complete newbie. How do I get started?

If you have never played before, we recommend our First Timer Clinics, currently at 8am every other Saturday morning just to teach you the rules and the basics of the game. At just KYD10 per session, there’s no better way to get into Pickleball!

I’m getting going… what next?

We have Beginner Clinics, currently at 9am every Saturday, which cover basic technique and tactics.

Next up are the Improver Clinics, currently at 10am every Saturday, which cover more advanced technique and tactics. These are also good for beginners who have a strong racket sports background.

Every weekday from 8am – 9am we also offer our Weekday Morning Clinics. Open to everyone who knows how to play, each day our coach will focus on one particular area of the sport and work on it with fun drills and little games. After the clinic, feel free to stay on court and play with your fellow picklers.

These clinics are all KYD20 per session and include paddles and balls.

Lastly we offer private lessons on any day except Sunday. These cost between KYD90 and KYD110 per hour depending on the size of the group and also include paddles and balls.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes! We have several highly qualified coaches on staff, all PPR certified. Private lessons are an excellent way to get started or to improve your game. We highly recommend booking lessons in a group of 3 so that you can simulate doubles play with your instructor and learn even faster. Lessons cost between CI$90 and CI$110 per hour depending on how many people in the group.

Can I buy or rent paddles? What about balls?

Our pro shop stocks both the top and mid range paddles from Selkirk and Diadem, two of the leading manufacturers, at by far the best prices on island. In fact, our prices are DUTY FREE! So a USD200 paddle in America will cost you USD200 here. No need to wait until your next trip off island. Our paddles range from KYD57 to KYD205 so there’s something for everybody. For balls, we offer the insanely popular Franklin X for KYD3. We also rent paddles out for KYD5 per session if you don’t have one.

What is Open Play?

Open Play is an opportunity for players to just turn up and play without having to find a group of friends to play with. Just pick a session and come along. Rather than paying for a court booking, you just pay a fixed fee for the session, regardless of how many players come along. The more that come, the more courts we will open up so you should never be standing around for long waiting for your next game.

What is a Round Robin?

Round Robins are one of the most fun ways to play Pickleball. You get a group of people together and rotate around. Everyone plays with everybody else once and against everybody else twice. You add up all your scores on a scoreboard (which we can provide you) and total up to see the winner!

If everyone in the group agrees, you can also add your round robin to the Club Ranking system. Just take a photo of the results and send it to info@pickleball.ky

How do I sign up for Open Play and Ranking Nights?

Log in to your account either on the web or the app and then choose Events. You will see a list of all the upcoming organized sessions. Just pick the one you want and sign up for it.

Will there be any other sports?

Three tennis courts are currently under construction. Two will have 8 pickleball courts on them, bringing our total number of courts to 20! One will be purely dedicated for tennis. We are also building two cricket nets / batting cages that we hope to have open by early 2024. We will also be running other sports like badminton and dodgeball on the pickleball courts.

Can my kids use the playground for free?

Absolutely! The playground is free for any kids accompanying adults who are either using the courts or the restaurant.

There’s a restaurant?

There sure is and it’s a good one! The Roost offers lots of healthy options as well as all your deep fried favorites from 11am until late every day.